The most comprehensive course ever created on how to sustain a meditation practise

(and we know that's a big claim to make)

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What's inside the Shift

Week 1 - Foundations of Meditation, Part 1

We get clear on your why.

Setting up a clear framework that ensures a safe and enriching space for all as we embark on the meditation journey.

Week 2 - Foundations of Meditation, Part 2

An experience of the interplay between identity, ego and connecting with ourselves and others.


Exploring what it means to practise presence through meditation.

Week 3 - Purpose & Resilience, Part 1

An experiential and practical dive into mindfulness as a tool in responding to life's ebb & flow.

 Tools and strategies to encourage deeper awareness and appropriate responses to any situation.

Week 4 - Purpose & Resilience, Part 2

Distinguish the power of integrity and purpose that comes from actively creating the life that you are committed to living.

And the power of dependability - to be trustable to others we must first be trustable to ourselves.

 Week 5 - Being In Community, Part 1

We experience what it means to sit in circle with others around the metaphorical campfire.  

A profound experience of being seen, heard, and witnessed by others.

Explore how to support each other on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Week 6 - Being In Community, Part 2

In our final session of this part of the journey, we get to reflect on the experience that we have had, the connections that we have built and where to next.

The Connect

On the first Sunday following week 6 of the Shift course graduating cohorts and other long-term members of the Sit community come together.

We meet for a morning of enriching activities to celebrate the journey that our Shifters have been on.

The experience is our gift to all the Shift graduates.

The Sit Offering- The Journey Continues

To support you in embedding your Practises and building on the amazing connections that you have created through the Shift course we have created the Sit Offering (membership).

For a small weekly investment you have access to amazing resources that will impact every element of your Sit journey.

The Sit offering starts from $11 per week

The Circle Framework Workshop

During the Shift course participants get the opportunity to sit in circle. For many people this is a profound experience of connection, sharing and friendship on a surprising level. The circle framework workshop is an opportunity for Shift graduates to explore whether they wish to continue in circle with one another. The workshop is generally held on the first Thursday following Shift course completion (week 6)

The Practise Framework Workshop

During the Shift course we discuss what it means to create life rhythm, one that it in integrity and consistent with who we are committed to being in the world.
This perspective on life purpose, how we use our time and why our routine activities are key i all of that is the basis of what we at the Shift call call "the Practise"
The workshop is an opportunity to understand the framework of the Practise. The workshop is generally held on the second Thursday following Shift course completion (week 6)

*you can also view other course dates for 2023 when you select the enrol now button

Resources & support on your Journey

Get Togethers (Connects)

Meet current and previous course attendees at our meet-ups known as connects. Come and meditate with us, meet inspiring speakers and engage in empowering activities like breathwork, ice baths and functional training. Note: activities change seasonally.

Mobile Support Group

Meet your fellow cohort and engage with them, connect with our facilitators, and previous shift course attendees. Experience what makes the Sit community so unique, and benefit from the many resources shared with you.

The Sunrise Sit.

Meet the Sit community, and volunteer crew leaders across more than 20 locations Nationally and Internationally. Every Saturday at 6:30 am we meet to inhale, exhale, meditate and connect.

Resources Portal

To support you in your journey, you will have access to the Shift portal. As your experience deepens, so will your access to tools and resources that will support you in all areas of your life journey.


Is it face to face or online?

We offer both options. 

What is the course investment?

The 6 week Shift course is $100 per week ($600 +gst in total).

You pay you first $100 on registering for your course. The remaining instalments are paid from session 2 of the course that you have joined.

If you wish to pay for the remainder of the course upfront rather than in instalments this can be arranged by request.

What is the course demographic?

The course is for people who want to embed a simple meditation practise, explore what it means to live purposefully and are interested in exploring connection with others.

There are a maximum of 10 attendees per group and sessions are facilitated by a Shift facilitator. All our facilitators are meditators, sit in circle on a fortnightly basis and only ever speak from direct experience.

Groups are gender specific and mixed. You can select the type of group from our enrolment page

How much time do I have to commit?

The course sessions are 2 hours each week (once per week for the full 6 weeks). There is a commitment to meditate twice daily for 20 minutes each time. All course notes and other amazing and relevant resources are available on our portal for those wishing to deep dive the content. 

Can I do the course one on one?

Not everyone is up for the group experience and for that reason we also offer the shift one on one. The format of the one on one course is 4 sessions over 4 weeks and the cost is $1200. For more information contact Mike (Sherpa) at or 0438 13 15 17

Is the Sit or the Shift affiliated to anything?

We are not aligned with or linked to any movement, religion or organisation. The course content is delivered in a practical and accessible mainstream way and focuses specifically on the here and now. 

What happens once the course finishes?

The "Container" (membership) is how we support our Shift graduates to embed their new found practises and connections. The membership stats at $11 per week and there are over 175 opportunities each year to engage with us in the many sessions offered as part of the Container. Over 85% of our graduates go on to be a part of the Container. 

Shift Course Dates

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 30 January 2023



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*you can also view other course dates for 2023 when you select the enrol now button